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As communities change and develop, property values increase and investment opportunities are born. NC ReVal, LLC is committed to helping property owners maximize their real estate potential and value, all while increasing the property owner’s knowledge in the selling process.  A FREE second opinion!!!

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Too often property owners are selling their homes and leaving money on the table. Property owners deserve to know the true value of their homes and how new businesses and other community expansions can increase property values. We assist you with learning the real property value of your home without having to rely on interested investors.


Why get a second opinion? Well, for starters, with NC ReVal, LLC, it’s free! We offer you an informed and unbiased opinion to help you protect your assets that matter most. NC ReVal, LLC consists of committed members of the local community and can assist with providing a second opinion on the value of your home and your options in terms of



Historical Neighborhoods

Property Tax Revaluation


Contact NC ReVal, LLC today at 833-NC-REVAL (833-627-3825) to get a FREE second opinion on your home’s true value!

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Where did all of these people come from?

New businesses are popping up around your home. You are receiving sudden offers on your property. You are being told what your home is worth by potential buyers. What is your home actually worth?

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They're about to take my property and sell it!

You have suffered from financially difficulties. You may have fallen behind on your mortgage payments. A loved one may have died without plans for their property. What can you do?

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Do I live in a historical neighborhood?

You have been in your home (and been a member of the community) for a long time. There may be new members of your community that haven't been there as long. Is your home worth as much as theirs?

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Why NOT get a FREE second opinion?

A second opinion allows you to:

  • Be well-informed;

  • Get an unbiased opinion on one of your most valuable assets;

  • Protect your legacy. Don't leave money on the table!

"The old real estate mantra “location, location, location” certainly applies to the property tax revaluation in Mecklenburg County, which saw average value increases ranging from 16 percent in one southwest Charlotte area to 155 percent in Grier Heights.

The drastic differences in new property tax values reflect several real estate market trends, including gentrification in close-in neighborhoods, people’s growing desire to live near the city center and the impact of new transit lines on property values" (Portillo & Off, 2019).



Businesses may see the increase in value of Charlotte homes while citizens may not. This leaves desperate home owners thinking that they have no choice but to accept offers that are much too low, resulting in losses of tens of thousands of dollars for the homeowners. With NC ReVal, LLC, you can get a second opinion on the value of your home.


Don't settle! Call us today at 833-NC-REVAL (833-627-3825) for a FREE evaluation!

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